There is Still Time to Fix Bad College Essays

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It’s not too late to rework your college essays. Don’t submit bad essays. Submit outstanding ones! Contact Ivy Coach today to help you do just that.

There is still time to fix bad college essays! It never ceases to amaze us that so many students (and their parents) are confident about their choice of essay topics…and their execution of these topics. We so often get calls and emails around now, mere days before Early Decision and Early Action deadlines, that go something like this: “My son has already written his Common Application Personal Statement and I think it’s in really good shape. I was wondering if you could just read through it and let me know what you think.” And we will of course read through a student’s Common Application Personal Statement and let the student and parent know what we think. For a fee of course. After all, we are an American business, and our expertise does not come for free…even though many parents seem to think it should! We’ll give a free 20-minute consolation to discuss our service offerings but if you want our opinion on essay topics and execution, you’ll need to become our client.

But anyway, enough venting about that. What parents and students are typically surprised by is how we can tell in mere seconds if an essay should be completely scrapped. That’s right. Mere seconds. If we hear that an essay is about a trip to India, we don’t care one bit how well that essay is executed. It’s not going to work. It’s going to put admissions officers to sleep. It’s going to hurt — and not help — the student’s chances for admission to a highly selective college. The same is true of that essay about Key Club or that essay about coming back from a major back injury to lead your soccer team to the state finals. We don’t need to read on. We know. These essays should sooner be burned than submitted to highly selective colleges. That’s right. Burned.

What also amazes us is that parents (more so than students usually) aren’t willing to encourage their children to change their essays at this late date. They figure it is what it is at this point. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. You’ve still got several days to entirely change a Personal Statement. Will it require a little bit of work? You bet. But this is work we take on with parents and students at the last minute all of the time. Would you rather not put in the work now and live to regret not getting into Yale or would you rather take a chance and put in the work. Writing a 650-word essay is not like building a skyscraper. It can be done with the time that remains. And there is absolutely no need to get super stressed about it either. That’s one thing we do. We take away the stress. We help you realize that crafting a powerful Personal Statement is entirely achievable with just a little bit of time and energy.

Just because you’ve written 650 words doesn’t mean those 650 words are any good. Want an evaluation? Contact us today to get started since those deadlines are indeed approaching.


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