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June 10, 2019

The T.M. Landry Scandal Up Close

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Over eight million people watched a viral video of a T.M. Landry student opening a Harvard acceptance.

If you haven’t seen the premiere episode of the FX series The Weekly, do check it out as it offers an up close look at the T.M. Landry scandal as never seen before. As our readers know, T.M. Landry College Prep in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana has become well known over the years for releasing viral videos of their students earning admission to the colleges of their dreams, including Ivy League and other highly selective colleges. It’s a tradition we at Ivy Coach have been sharply critical of — well before news of the T.M. Landry scandal broke in late 2018. Our words proved prophetic. We never thought it was right that students learned of their admissions decisions in front of their whole school and, as it turns out, that wasn’t all that wasn’t right at T.M. Landry College Prep. Far from it.

FX Series Highlights the Scandal at T.M. Landry

The FX show focuses on the two New York Times journalists, Erica L. Green and Katie Benner, who broke the story of the scandal in November 2018, a story that will likely earn them a Pulitzer but one that exposed a very sad reality at a school that had given so many folks in Louisiana a whole lot of hope. From doctored transcripts (students were given grades in coursework they didn’t even take — like Mandarin when the students didn’t speak any Mandarin) to manufactured up by your bootstraps stories of overcoming drug-dealing and hunger to physical abuse inflicted on students by one of the school’s co-founders, it’s a story that was pushed from the headlines by the cheating and bribery admissions scandal. But it’s a story that deserves attention so no students should ever experience what the students profiled in this FX piece endured.

A Salute to the Brave Folks Who Spoke Out Against T.M. Landry

We salute the brave young men and women as well as their families for having the courage to speak out, for in some cases risking their futures to hold the founders of T.M. Landry accountable for their actions. It is not acceptable that this school, which receives no public funding from the state of Louisiana so is therefore not under the state’s watchful eye, continues to operate. It is our hope that the recently announced FBI investigation into the school brings about its closure. That closure couldn’t come soon enough.

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