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April 5, 2011

The Student Visa Interview

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We’ve got some tips for the student visa interview.

For international students applying to colleges in the United States, we’d like to offer you some tips on preparing for the student visa interview at your U.S. consulate.

– “Ties that bind.” It’s imperative that you demonstrate to the interviewer that you intend to return to your native country after you complete your education. Ties such as family and job prospects are good examples that you can use to stress how you are only seeking to study in the United States temporarily. You do indeed intend to return home. It’s very important to drive this point home and avoid discussing plans to work in the United States after graduation…but only if you are being honest in doing so. Interviewers at the consulates around the world have an eye for detecting deceit at student visa interviews. Lying is never a good idea.

– Practice your English. The interview will likely be conducted in English. If your English needs improvement, plan to discuss courses you will take in your native country or a means of improving your English prior to your arrival in the United States.

– Read up on your college. Know specific details about the university you will be enrolling at. Know about the programs of study you intend to pursue. Be prepared to discuss what you like about this school and how your education will be able to further your life goals and pursuits in your native country upon graduation.

– There may be documents that your interviewer will require in order to issue you a student visa. We recommend that you check with the consulate prior to the interview. Typically, proof of admission to the university you intend to enroll at will be required (an I-20 form) as will a valid passport, a non-immigrant visa application, evidence of financial support (an original bank letter), your high school transcript, your TOEFL scores, and a photograph. But there may be other required material so be sure to check with the consulate prior to your interview!

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