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To inquire about our services, click on the orange button on the top and bottom of our website.

A number of folks ask us how we at Ivy Coach get started working with our students. Well, wonder no more. On the top and bottom of our website is an orange button. By clicking on that orange button, you can sign up for a free 20-minute consultation so that we can answer any questions you might have about our service offerings. Will we review your child’s transcript in advance of the call and offer you 20 minutes of great advice specific to your child’s case for admission? Absolutely not. We are a business, not a charity. And we make no apologies for that. The free consultation is only to answer questions about our services and so you can get familiar with us and how we roll.

If you would like us to offer you fantastic, specific advice about your child’s case for admission to highly selective colleges like the Ivy League colleges, that’s the next step after the free 20-minute consultation. If you’d like to bypass the free consultation, that’s fine by us. But know that as much as we like to set expectations low, parents and students do often come away with a few great tidbits of advice from even the free consultation. We’re all about exceeding expectations at Ivy Coach.

In advance of the one hour evaluation, we request a student’s transcript, any testing the student’s completed (SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Tests / AP Exams), a list of the student’s extracurricular activities as well as his or her involvement in those activities, Naviance log-in information, a list of colleges a student may be interested in, in preferential order, etc. This way, during the evaluation, we can make specific recommendations on how to help a student stand out not only from other applicants around the world but also from other applicants from his or her own high school. If the student has completed some testing, he or she will also come away with an understanding of which colleges are realistic, which are a stretch, which are entirely unrealistic, etc.

Whether you choose to proceed with our services or not, after this one hour evaluation, you will come away with many insights into how your child can improve his or her case for admission to highly selective colleges. So, to get started, fill out that form by clicking on the bright orange button.


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