The Million Dollar Guarantee

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At Ivy Coach, we offer a package that isn’t for everyone. But it is for some.

There we go again. We hear you thinking it. And, yes, we saw that eye roll too. Whatever. We are not ashamed to command one million dollars to help earn your child admission to his or her dream school. In fact, we’re quite proud we can command such a fee. Indeed for one million dollars, we will guarantee that with our help at Ivy Coach your child will earn admission to his or her top choice university — or you will receive every single one of your green dollars back. So what we’re guaranteeing is that we will do everything we can to get your child into his or her top choice college and if we do not succeed, all of our help cost you nothing. And if we do succeed, your bank account is less one million dollars but you have one happy child on your hands. Side note: In our years of offering this guarantee, we’ve never had to issue one refund. You do the math…

We know this offering is not for everyone. But you’d be amazed how many parents call us and ask us, “How much do I need to donate to a college in order to guarantee my child admission?” The answer, of course, is that there are no guarantees — not ever! — that a college will offer your child admission no matter how much money you donate. Is there a magic number that can sure help? You bet. And we don’t reveal that number on the pages of our college admissions blog. Never have, never will. But even then, there are no guarantees. So what we say to these parents who are willing to donate millions is this: “Don’t give the college this money. Give us a million and we’ll get your child in. We’ll take your money. And we’ll make it happen.” Some who can afford such fees laugh. But we are certainly not joking. And the smart ones either laugh but take us up on it or don’t laugh one bit. Because for these folks, what’s a million dollars if it means their child achieving their dream?

If college costs $75,000 a year all in, that means that a college education at one of America’s elite schools costs around $300,000. For those who can afford it, why not pay a million to make sure your child gets into a great school rather than a pretty good one?

One super lame organization once criticized us for offering such a guarantee. But what’s it to them? If we want to work for free if we so choose, who are they to chastise us? We’re sorry they’re not as confident in their work as we are. We’ve been doing this for a quarter century. We know when we can get students into colleges they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get into.

If you’re interested in the Million Dollar Guarantee Package, fill out our free consult form and write Million Dollar Package in the comments area. We’ll write you back shortly.

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