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We are hiring at Ivy Coach.

Ivy Coach is hiring. If you are a current or former admissions officer at a highly selective college, we’re interested in chatting with you. If you’re curious what we consider to be a highly selective college, here are a few to give you an idea (this list is not comprehensive): Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Penn, Cornell, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Caltech, Northwestern, Amherst, Williams, Johns Hopkins, Wash U, Wesleyan, Barnard, Tufts, Rice, Wellesley, the University of Chicago…anyhow, you get the idea!

Just because you’ve worked in a highly selective college admissions office doesn’t mean you’re ready to serve as an expert private college counselor, but we will train you. And the salary that we will offer you will not be competitive. It will be way better than competitive! Salary also isn’t the only means of compensation we’re willing to offer but this all depends on who you are and what you can bring to the table for our highly regarded, long established company.

So send us an email to director@ivycoach.com or give us a ring at 212-600-0312 if you’re interested in working at Ivy Coach. We pay extremely well. You can work from anywhere. And, yes, we recognize this sounds like an infomercial but it’s true! So just deal with it.

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