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December 13, 2013

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Ivy Coach’s blog has a color commentator.

File this one under amusing. It seems the Ivy Coach Blog, the single most visited blog on the topic of college admissions (hey — we’re not applying for admission to college so we don’t have to be modest), has a color commentator. We thought we’d share with you some of this color commentator’s analysis. In the headline, the commentator deems the Ivy Coach Blog “the ’Ivy League’ of College Admissions Blogs.” True statement! As the commentator writes, “You know the site’s focus just by its name. Ivy Coach is one such site that aims to give students planning to enter any of the Ivy League colleges some good reasons to get their parents to hire the services of a college admissions consultant. Those reasons can be found in the site blog.” That’s one of our goals, certainly! This color commentator’s no fool.Under the heading “An Upscale Focus that Also Works with the Rest,” the commentator goes on to write, “The site proves that commerce and excellent blog articles are good bedfellows. When you are convincing people to hire an education consultant to coach your kid on how best to hurdle the college admissions of a selective Ivy Leaguer, those blog articles have better be good. And the Ivy Coach Blog has many that can make an impression that you need one.” It gets better.

The commentator continues, “In terms of layout and content, the Ivy Coach Blog is simply one of the better college admission sites out there. The articles themselves are worth the visit if you want to enrich and widen your learning horizon on the realities of college admissions, less about the technical aspects on how to go through them. This is where the site gets its good points and bad. The blog is really more of a sharing venue for the experience and insights of its authors than a technical guidebook for successfully passing the admissions screening of Ivy League Colleges. But that’s just fine. The site can’t be more technical since this would render hiring their education consultant unnecessary.”The commentator indeed raises a great point! While we do blog every single day — including weekends and holidays dating back years (check it out if you don’t believe us) — there’s a whole lot we don’t write about on our college admissions blog. We’re an American business. Sure, we’ll give some tips away here and there but we will never give away the secret sauce of admission to the highly selective colleges. That you’ll never find on our blog. Our best kept secrets are just that…secrets for the clients of Ivy Coach so our students stand out in the highly selective college admissions process.

The commentator continues, “The site is still a chip off the formal template typical of stiff newspaper sites but minus the images. The text-rich blog is better off read by middle-aged parents who don’t mind the look and prefer to indulge in the content they can relay to their kids who may not want to bother with it.” Parents are indeed our main readers so, yes, the site is designed with them in mind. And how does the commentator conclude?: “The really valuable insight from Ivy Coach is its focus on college admissions in upscale colleges and universities like Harvard and Yale. Most college admission sights [sic] provide generic advice and tips which often fall short when applying in prestigious colleges. It is said that if you can be accepted [to] Harvard, there’d be no reason you can’t be accepted [to] other universities. And if the interesting and mind-provoking blog articles leave you with more questions, that’s when you should consider hiring their admissions consultant.” Agreed indeed!

Thanks for the laugh! We at Ivy Coach appreciate it.

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