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Ivy Coach is featured in today’s “Brown Daily Herald,” the newspaper of Brown University.

Ivy Coach is featured today in the newspaper of Brown University, “The Brown Daily Herald.” The piece, written by Julia Choi, is entitled “Brown joins Coalition backing Common App alternative” and in yet another Ivy League newspaper, we come down against this Coalition for Access. And for good reason. While we of course support the notion of increasing access to disadvantaged students at the most highly selective American universities, the proposal for this coalition is not well thought through. Indeed it is our projection that the Coalition for Access will make it more difficult for disadvantaged students to apply — and attend — highly selective universities. We also project that colleges will begin to start dropping out of the Coalition for Access in one year’s time.

As quoted in “The Brown Daily Herald,” “Though the Coalition’s ‘chief objective is allegedly to encourage underprivileged students,’ these students often do not have access to computers or experienced guidance counselors, said Brian Taylor, director of Ivy Coach. The Coalition’s collaboration platform will create more work for guidance counselors through its editing and feedback features, Taylor said. Admission officers will also need to work harder to maintain the open line of communication with students that the Coalition calls for, he said. The Common App financially penalizes universities who accept an additional application, Taylor said. ‘Mark my words — schools will start dropping out after one year once they realize the unintended consequences. These schools don’t want to face penalization,’ he said.” They sure don’t.

If you’re not familiar with how the Common App. financially penalizes universities for not using their application on an exclusive basis, read Bev’s editorial for “The Huffington Post” in which she questions if the Common App. is restraining trade. Do you think the organization is restraining trade? We’re curious to hear from our readers on this point so feel free to post a Comment below with your thoughts.


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