The Common App and Restraint of Trade?

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We at Ivy Coach stand behind The Universal College Application. It’s a much better college application than The Common App.

As loyal readers of our college admissions blog, you might know that we’ve written extensively about issues college applicants have been having this year with The Common Application. We’ve written about so many issues, it’s nearly impossible even to sum them all up succinctly but this post entitled Common Application Issues is our best effort to date. As you may also know from reading our college admissions blog over the years, we are not ones to shy away from controversy. And so we wanted to alert you that our Founder, Bev Taylor, will be writing a piece for “The Huffington Post” that raises the question of whether or not The Common Application may be in violation of the restraint of trade. Is The Common Application unfairly monopolizing the college application at universities across America?

How so, you ask? You see, The Common Application penalizes universities that do not subscribe to The Common Application exclusively. For instance, if a university subscribes to both The Common Application and The Universal College Application, they incur a penalty from The Common App. We believe this to be unjust in our proudly free market economy. The Common Application has 517 colleges that subscribe to its service. And during the 2012-2013 admissions cycle, over 2 million students submitted applications through The Common App. Its competitor, The Universal College Application, has a mere 32 university subscribers. It seems like a big business picking on a little business, no?

Bev and all of us at Ivy Coach want to let our voices be heard in support of The Universal College Application — in support of this mighty underdog that we hope will one day have its day — not only because they’re the little guy with a mighty foe. We want to let our voices be heard because we firmly believe that The Universal College Application is a better college application than The Common App. It’s that simple. So be on the lookout for an article on The Common Application coming soon to “The Huffington Post.” The Universal College Application, the mighty underdog that could, is deserving of the spotlight.


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  • Michelle says:

    Can’t wait for this piece. It’s about time someone took them on. It certainly sounds like restraint of trade to me! Thank you, Bev, for standing behind the UCA. They deserve the attention.

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