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April 20, 2019

The Claremont Colleges Class of 2023 Admissions Statistics

Pomona College Admit Rate, CMC Admit Rate, Scripps Admit Rate
Pomona College has yet to release its admit rate for the Class of 2023.

The 5Cs — the five undergraduate colleges within The Claremont Colleges which include Pitzer College, Scripps College, Harvey Mudd College, Pomona College, and Claremont McKenna College — have released their admissions figures for the Class of 2023. The overall admit rates for each of the five colleges are as follows: Pitzer – 13.2%, Scripps – 29.85%, Harvey Mudd – 13.4%. Pomona and CMC have yet to release their admit rates, though we’ll update our readers when they do choose to make them public. Or will they be following Stanford’s lead of no longer releasing the figures? That would be unlikely. Indeed, we’re told they’ll release these figures later on in the year.

Breakdown of the Class of 2023 Admits to Harvey Mudd, Pomona, and Pitzer

As reports Becky Hoving for “The Student Life” in a piece entitled “5Cs announce class of 2023 admissions, but multiple schools withhold information,” “Of the colleges that released demographic data about their admitted student pool, Mudd accepted the highest percentage of students of color — nearly 60 percent. Seven percent of Mudd’s admitted students are international, and accepted applicants hail from 43 states and 27 foreign countries, according to the press release. Pomona accepted 58 percent students of color and 13.5 percent international, according to a press release. Admitted applicants come from 49 states and 47 foreign countries. Forty-six percent of Pitzer’s admitted class are students of color, and 8.2 percent are international students. Pitzer’s admitted class is 56 percent female and 12.9 percent first-generation. The admitted students pool represents 38 states and 25 countries.”

Scripps and CMC will release information on the demographics of their Classes of 2023 after May 1st so do check back soon to learn more!

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