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Ivy Coach salutes Jacques Steinberg and Tanya Abrams for their stewardship of “The Choice” blog over the last four years.

For years, “The New York Times'” “The Choice” blog has been a wonderful resource to high school students applying to college as well as to parents, teachers, guidance counselors, private college counselors, and admissions officers. Under the tremendous stewardship of Jacques Steinberg and Tanya Abrams, “The Choice” has offered college applicants many insights over the years into the highly selective college admissions process. In many instances, we’ve tipped our hats to “The Choice” for data and quotes from admissions officers. But as of June 14th, “The Choice” college admissions blog has been discontinued by “The New York Times.”

According to “The Choice’s” “valediction,” “The Times has discontinued The Choice blog, which was created four years ago to help students demystify college admissions and financial aid. Although we will no longer update the blog’s monthly college checklists, virtual guidance office sessions, and student posts, these evergreen resources will still be available in our online archives. Additionally, The Times will continue to serve student readers at The Learning Network, a blog dedicated to teaching and learning with The Times, and our reporters will continue to cover issues most relevant to college-bound students and their families, including the admissions process, paying for college, and the evolving industry of higher education. Thanks to all of our readers and contributors who made this online community so dynamic, and best wishes to all students who are navigating the admissions process.”

We at Ivy Coach are sad to see “The Choice” go and wish to thank Mr. Steinberg and Ms. Abrams for their fantastic coverage of the highly selective college admissions process over the years. Job well done!


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