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March 27, 2022

The Boston College Waitlist to the Class of 2026

About 4,500 students were placed on the BC waitlist to the Class of 2026 (photo credit: BCLicious).

We previously reported that Boston College received a record number of applications to its Class of 2026. The final tally, after incomplete or withdrawn applications were accounted for, totaled 40,477 between the Early Decision and Regular Decision rounds of admission. These 40,477 students were competing for 2,300 openings in the BC Class of 2026. And since 50% of the Class of 2026 was filled with admits from the Early Decision round, our very advanced calculus indicates that a mere 1,070 slots remained for Regular Decision applicants — out of a pool that totaled 36,049. These students recently learned of their decisions. And for those placed in limbo, well, you’re not alone since there are about 4,500 of you!

As BC announced in a recent email communication to waitlisted candidates to its Class of 2026, “During the Regular Decision round, 15% of applicants will be admitted. Because deposits came in stronger than predicted last year, we will extend approximately 900 fewer Regular Decision offers this year. Carrying a waiting list is important to ensure that enrollment goals are met each year. At the same time, we know that waiting lists can be challenging for students in that they prolong the uncertainty around students’ plans. With this in mind, we have intentionally reduced the number of waiting list offers we will extend by 40%. Based on past response rates, we anticipate an active waiting list of approximately 4,500.”

So while we salute BC for reducing the size of its waitlist, we nonetheless find ourselves scratching our heads a little bit that the Jesuit institution still needs to keep a waitlist of 4,500 students for a total class of approximately 2,300. That’s nearly twice as many waitlisted candidates as there are seats in the incoming class. It seems a bit ridiculous if you ask us but, hey, imagine the size of last year’s waitlist to put this year’s figure in context!

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