The Best Apple Pie in American College Admissions

Oh loyal readers, you’re in for a treat. Today, we thought we’d share with you how to bake an apple pie. But not just any apple pie. America’s best apple pie. An apple pie you’ve never eaten. An apple pie that appeals to all apple pie eaters. You see, Ivy Coach’s apple pie has a biscuit topping and no soggy bottom. After all, who wants an apple pie with a soggy bottom?

If you’re wondering how this relates to highly selective college admissions, well, the apple pie is the student navigating the churning waters of the elite college admissions process. Just as we transform a student’s often generic areas of interest into something special and unique to them, we baked an apple pie unique to the apple pie consumer — giving this consumer everything they never knew they always needed.

So do tune in to the pilot episode of Ivy Coach’s Kitchen Admission to see how we reinvent the American apple pie. Because just about everyone can bake an apple pie in America. Baking an apple pie isn’t special. But leave it to Ivy Coach to bake an apple pie uniquely delicious for all to enjoy. So dig in!


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  • MARGE IN TEXAS says:

    I agree that too many apple pies have soggy crusts. Glad to hear there is a crispy crust lobby, at least an incipient one. I would sign up with your program if I get into an Ivy and get an apple pie with a crispy crust. You may want to mail one to every one of your clients- not a ad idea, eh?

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