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Ivy Coach is proud to offer our services at no cost to select veterans each and every year.

We love to hear people thank our service-members for their dutiful service to our nation. “Thank you for your service” is a beautiful expression that relays gratitude and appreciation for wearing the uniform of our nation. But we believe thanking service-members for their selfless devotion to duty is not enough. We at Ivy Coach believe actions speak louder than words. It’s why our pro bono college counseling services are reserved exclusively for veterans of the five branches of America’s military. That’s right. If you’ve worn our nation’s uniform, we offer our services to help you earn admission to your dream college at no cost.

Ivy Coach’s Pro Bono Services Are Reserved Exclusively for Veterans

Each year, we work with a handful of veterans as they seek to earn admission to elite universities. In our experience, too many veterans don’t realize that our nation’s elite colleges, including the Ivy League colleges, covet veterans. These schools fully understand how veterans, shaped by their experiences serving America in uniform, can greatly enrich the entire student body and ultimately the university itself. It has long been our task to get the word out, to raise awareness that not only does Uncle Sam want you, but our nation’s elite colleges want you, too! Just have a look at Princeton. Since the school has reinstated the transfer admissions process, the vast majority of students admitted as transfers have worn America’s uniform.

How Veterans Can Get Started With Ivy Coach

So you’re familiar with our process, our free consults for non-veterans are only to discuss our services. But for veterans, our free consults are chock full of advice on how to optimize one’s case for admission. If after this free consult we both decide we’d like to work together, we get started on our work helping students craft powerful applications that showcase who they are, what they’ve experienced, and what they stand for. And, so, if you’re a veteran, fill out our free consult form, indicate your veteran status, and we’ll be in touch. We are especially hoping to work with female veterans this year!


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