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July 7, 2022

Terrorist Admitted to Cambridge

A piece on Business Insider focuses on a terrorist who happened to be a student recently admitted to Cambridge.

Sometimes elite universities get one wrong. As an example, in 1957, a young man applied to — and earned admission to — Harvard College named Ted Kaczynski. That man, years later, would commit acts of terrorism against our nation. He would become known as the infamous Unabomber. But it’s not like Ted Kaczynski was the only mistake the world’s elite universities make. Remember the Princeton graduate, dubbed the Ivy League Killer, who shot and killed his father after his dad cut his allowance? We do! In any case, there’s a new person to add to this infamous list: Aditya Verma, a teenager recently admitted to the University of Cambridge who happens to be a chess champion.

As Beatrice Nolan reports for Business Insider in a piece entitled “Alleged EasyJet bomb hoaxer is a teen chess star with a place at Cambridge who said he’d ’blow this plane up’ in a Snapchat post, reports say,” “The bomb hoax that led to Spain scrambling two fighter jets to intercept an EasyJet flight earlier this week was reportedly posted by a teenager on Snapchat, multiple outlets have reported. The 18-year-old, named as Aditya Verma, wrote: “’’m going to blow this plane up, I’m a Taliban,’ on the social media app, per The Times of London. The teen is said to have claimed behind closed doors that the message was a joke only intended to be seen by the friends he was traveling with, the Mail Online reported. Verma is now reportedly barred from leaving Spain and could be handed a bill of up to $120,000 to cover the cost of the scrambled jets if found guilty of a public order offence, per The Times. The alleged bomb hoaxer is also a chess star who had previously represented England and been awarded a prize by former world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, according to The Times. The newspaper reported Verma is a talented student predicted to achieve three top grades at A-level and has landed a competitive place at the University of Cambridge.”

Of course, we don’t imagine Mr. Verma will be enrolling at the University of Cambridge anytime soon. Indeed, we suspect his admission has already been revoked — three top grades at A Levels and chess champion or not. Remember when the Stanford rapist’s — Brock Turner’s — swim times were listed in an article about his assault on Chanel Miller? We do! Such information is, of course, irrelevant.

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