Tell the Truth in College Admissions

It is very important to always tell the truth in college admissions. Heck, it’s important to always tell the truth in life. In college admissions, if you dare to tell a lie, you should know that you are absolutely jeopardizing your chances for admission. And even if you do get in and you get caught in a lie on your application after you’ve learned of your admission, your admission can well be revoked! Yes, this can even happen to a college senior!

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Tell the truth in college admissions. It’s not worth doing anything other than telling the full and whole truth.

In your college admissions essays, tell truthful stories. Share anecdotes that are real and genuine. On your activity sheet, don’t boast of awards that you did not earn. Don’t claim to have participated in activities that you did not partake in. Don’t claim to have participated in an activity for twenty hours a week when you really only spent two hours each week at the activity. All of this deception — all of these lies — can be checked and verified.

As former President Ronald Reagan once so simply stated, “Trust but verify.” That’s what college admissions counselors do – they trust but verify. If they don’t think you really earned an award, they’ll call your high school guidance counselor. It’s not particularly difficult to pick up the phone and dial a phone number. MIT even went so far as to hire a private investigator to check on information in various applications to the university. And MIT isn’t alone. Many universities check a select set of applications. Do they check the facts in every application? No. That would be impossible. But they do check some. Why risk it? Why risk jeopardizing your admission? Or even worse…why risk getting kicked out of a university that you’ve already invested four years in?

Always tell the truth in college admissions. If you think for a second that you might be able to get away with one small lie, think for another second about not doing it. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth the aggravation. It’s not worth knowing that you earned admission to a university based on a lie. Who wants to live with that? We suspect not you.


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