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April 17, 2019

Swarthmore College Class of 2023 Admissions Statistics

Swarthmore 2023, Admission to Swarthmore, Swarthmore Class of 2023 Admissions
Admitted students to Swarthmore’s Class of 2023 hail from all fifty states.

Swarthmore College has sent out its Regular Decision admissions notifications for the Class of 2023. It’s unclear if the figures the school has released incorporate their Early Decision pool along with their Regular Decision pool (hint hint to Swarthmore to be more clear in the future). Swarthmore’s Early Decision practices are currently the subject of a Department of Justice investigation. While Swarthmore was not initially listed among the elite liberal arts schools being investigated by the DOJ, we’ve subsequently learned that the school received a letter from the DOJ asking that it preserve any documents related to its ED practices. But enough of that. Back to the Class of 2023. Swarthmore reports that 995 students have earned admission to its Class of 2023. These admits were drawn from a pool of over 11,400 students. It’s a figure that surpasses last year’s “historic” applicant pool of 10,749.

Breakdown of the Swarthmore Class of 2023 Admits

As Swarthmore reports in a press release about their incoming class, “Sixty-five percent of the admitted students come from public and/or charter schools, 25 percent from private independent schools, 10 percent from parochial schools, and one percent are home schooled. Ten percent of all students are from schools overseas. Swarthmore expects to yield a first-year class of about 415 students this fall…The admitted students come from or represent six continents, 63 nations, and 50 U.S. states as well as American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico…Of the admitted students attending high schools reporting class rank, 93 percent are in the top decile. Engineering is the most popular intended major among the admitted students. Next, in order, are political science, biology, economics, English literature, computer science, mathematics and statistics, peace and conflict studies, biochemistry, sociology, philosophy, and physics.”

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Swarthmore College’s Class of 2023!

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