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June 14, 2021

Supreme Court Delays Challenge to Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court has punted on Affirmative Action (photo credit: Phil Roeder).

Today, the United States Supreme Court delayed a challenge to the practice of Affirmative Action, or the consideration of race, in college admissions. On a day when our nation’s highest court could have added the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University case to its docket for the 2021-2022 year, the court instead asked the Biden administration to weigh in. Indeed, the court issued an order for the Department of Justice, a very different Department of Justice from the one just a couple of years ago that supported the SFFA group, to weigh in on the matter.

As Joan Biskupic reports for CNN in a piece entitled “Supreme Court effectively delays challenge to Harvard affirmative action policies for several months,” “The Supreme Court set no deadline for the filing in the dispute brought on behalf of Asian Americans. If the court had outright accepted the challengers’ petition, it would have immediately added another major case to the justices’ calendar for the 2021-22 session, which already includes abortion rights and gun regulation controversies. The challengers to Harvard contend the Ivy League campus holds Asian Americans to a higher standard and essentially caps their numbers. The school counters that it sets no limits for Asian American students and that all applicants are considered individually based on many characteristics. The dispute has been moving through lower courts since 2014 in a case seemingly designed to get the issue back in front of the Supreme Court.”

What do our readers think of this non-decision by our nation’s highest court? Is the court punting? Do our readers think the court, which now leans heavily right, will ultimately hear the case? Will Affirmative Action be overturned? Is justice delayed justice denied? Will Affirmative Action remain legal for years to come? Let us know your thoughts on the matter — one that always inspires lots of comments in our comments section — by posting your opinions below.

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