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SAT Summer Exam, SAT Summer Test, SAT Summer Examination

The SAT will be offered to a select group this coming August 3rd. 

A summer SAT exam will be offered this August 3rd at Amherst College. If you’re not familiar with SAT exam scheduling, there is no summer SAT. But The College Board wanted to run a pilot test, to see if administering SAT exams over the summer was something they should consider doing in the future. Like The College Board, we love to analyze data and running a pilot test is often a feasible and practical way to see if something works (or if it doesn’t). So administering an SAT exam in one location this August 3rd doesn’t seem outrageous to us…until we read that the exam will be administered at a $4,500 summer program for “gifted students” (a.k.a. they’ll take your money in exchange for calling your child gifted and boosting your ego) at Amherst College.

Why do a pilot test on a sampling population that is definitely not a random sample? Most students (and by students, we mean their parents) don’t pay for $4,500 summer programs at one of the nation’s most prestigious colleges (Amherst College is a regular at the top of “US News & World Report’s” Best Liberal Arts Colleges). What kind of sham pilot test is this that The College Board is offering? Did they not think that this would cause a little bit of uproar? If they didn’t think this, we’re happy at Ivy Coach to surprise them. We just love to get under The College Board’s skin.

Offering a summer SAT exam might well be a good idea. Students aren’t under a lot of pressure over the summer months. They’re not in the middle of taking classes and studying for exams. It all seems quite logical. We don’t have an issue with The College Board offering a summer SAT testing date. And we don’t have an issue with The College Board piloting the summer test with only one testing site. However, we do have issue with the absolutely non-random sample that they chose. What were they thinking? This is a potential PR mess for them. Oy vey.

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