Summer Plans for College Applicants

Summer and College Applicants, Summer and College Admissions, Summer Jobs and College Admission

Many rising high school seniors will be working this summer and doing volunteer work. How you spend your summers matters greatly in college admissions.

A new study put out by Kaplan points out some interesting statistics about what rising high school seniors will be doing this coming summer. According to the study, 73% will research colleges online this summer. 71% will visit at least one college campus in person. 67% will volunteer this summer while 63% intend to get paying jobs. 45% intend to read at least five books for pleasure (not required school reading) while 18% of students intend to read over 10 books.

What will you be doing this summer? Summer plans for college applicants matter a great deal in the game of college admissions. We have some ideas for you. Check out our newsletter featuring ideas on how you can productively spend your summer to increase your chances for admission to the college(s) of your choice: Summer Plans and College Applicants. And have a look at our blog on  summer programs for college applicants.


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