Summer Jobs for College Applicants

Teenagers aren’t taking summer jobs like they used to. It’s not necessarily because they don’t want the money. It’s more because they don’t think a summer job can help their case for admission to competitive colleges. They think they need to do a service project in a third world country or work at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. These teens would be wrong. Summer jobs are by no means an anachronism and can certainly help your case for admission to competitive colleges.

College admissions counselors respect students with real world experience. Holding a job is a real world experience.

Let’s talk about homeless shelters and soup kitchens. If you care deeply about the homeless and want to help to make things right, it’s truly wonderful that you’ve devoted time to working in shelters and soup kitchens. You’re giving back to the world and making it a better place for it. The thing is — a number of students work at homeless shelters and soup kitchens because they think it will help their college application and if that alone is your motivation, you’d be wrong to think so. Admissions counselors can see right through that.

You don’t need to do a service project in a third world country to get into a highly competitive college. You don’t need to save the world — though an expressed and genuine interest in making the world better is indeed a good thing not only for your case for admission but for the world! If you want to lifeguard, take the money and lifeguard. College admissions counselors love to see people who have had real world experience and holding a job is a real world experience! Not to mention as  a lifeguard, your responsibility is to save peoples’ lives…not too shabby…

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