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August 12, 2022

Students Spurning Oxbridge for Ivies

A piece in The Times highlights a trend: more and more students are spurning Oxford and Cambridge for the Ivies.

While we help students earn admission to highly selective and selective universities in the United States, we recognize there are students out there who would prefer to attend the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, particularly students in the United Kingdom. How could they? We know, we know. That being said, a recent trend has been discerned: more and more private British school students are choosing highly selective U.S. universities, including the Ivy League institutions over Oxbridge. But it’s not like this trend first surfaced. After all, we were quoted in a piece in The Times last year on how students are choosing the Ivies over Oxbridge. So, rather, it’s a trend that seems to be continuing.

As Nicola Woolcock reports for The Times in a piece entitled “Private school pupils turn backs on Oxbridge to chase Ivy League places,” “Private school students are turning their backs on Oxbridge, with as many as one in five now heading to Ivy League universities in the US, headteachers have told The Times. This year Eton College is sending around a fifth of its leavers — more than 50 pupils in total — to American universities. Other private school heads said their pupils felt disillusioned at their chances of being accepted at Oxford and Cambridge because of universities’ focus on increasing the number of state school admissions.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on this trend not only during this upcoming admissions cycle but in the next few cycles to come. Will more and more private British school students spurn the likes of Oxford and Cambridge for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and other elite U.S. universities? Only time will tell!

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