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Students on college waitlists who have no intention of attending these colleges should take themselves out of consideration immediately.

Students on college waitlists should not remain on these lists if they have no intention of attending these universities. As an example, if a student is admitted to Yale and has every intention of attending Yale (and would never consider attending Columbia over Yale), then he should not remain on the Columbia University waitlist. By remaining on the Columbia University waitlist just to “see if he can get in” (an expression we hear and read so often from high school students), that student is effectively hurting other applicants on the Columbia waitlist. It’s narcissistic. It’s not right. Too many high school students do it — and even brag about it — every year.

If a student needs the ego boost that badly — if they need that feather in their cap so they can say for the rest of their lives that they were also admitted to Columbia but chose to attend Yale — he or she needs to read a book on empathy. It never ceases to amaze us when we hear students boast about how they’re going to stay on four waitlists even though they already got into their dream school just to see how many acceptance letters they can get. It’s so dumb. And it’s so dumb that they would choose to brag about this. What are they thinking?

So if you’re a student on a college waitlist with no intention of attending that university, remove your name from that waitlist today. It’s very easy to remove yourself from a waitlist. Think about all of the other people on that waitlist who actually would attend if they gained admission. Do it for them. Seriously. Like right now.


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