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Some of our students informed us today that they’ve earned admission off highly selective college waitlists.

Many students — and their parents — came to us for the first time as clients after they had already gone through the Regular Decision process because they wanted our help in trying to gain admission off highly selective college waitlists. And a few of our students who got into highly selective colleges — including Ivy League colleges — during the Regular Decision round were waitlisted at a school here and there. A couple of them also sought our help in trying to get off these highly selective college waitlists. Well, today, some of our students have informed us that they are indeed the exceptions to the rule!

Most students on waitlists — the vast majority — will not gain admission to these highly selective colleges off these lists. About 90% of them will be denied admission, while around 10% may get good news. We’re proud to report that a couple of our students informed us today that they have gained admission off these waitlists. Our strategies, our help with crafting powerful letters of enthusiasm…these are the kinds of things that can differentiate one student on an unranked waitlist from another. And waitlists are indeed unranked.

We’d like to congratulate our students who didn’t give up after being waitlisted, who didn’t sit idle, who fought the right way with smarts and creativity to make their dreams a reality. And we’d like to thank them for their kind thank you letters. Those kinds of notes are why we are in this business. Nothing brings a smile to our faces like a student emailing us with fifteen exclamation points that they got into their dream school. It’s the best feeling ever and it never, ever gets old for us.

Students getting off waitlists at highly selective universities is indeed possible. It happened for a couple of our students today! Job well done!


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