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We have already had students earn admission off waitlists. And it’s not even May 1st.

It’s not yet May 1st, the deadline students are given after the Regular Decision round to commit to the college they will attend. And yet we’ve already had students who first came to us as clients after being placed on waitlists earn admission to the colleges that had placed them in limbo. For these students, limbo was short-lived…much to their relief.

If you are a student who was placed on a waitlist, hopefully you didn’t do nothing. And hopefully you didn’t inundate the college(s) that waitlisted you with lots of information on all of the things you’ve achieved since first applying (because what have you really achieved in the couple of months since first applying?). Hopefully you crafted a powerful and compelling Letter of Enthusiasm that conveyed to the college that placed you in limbo what you can contribute to their campus and how their university would be better off for having you among their incoming students. And when we mean powerful and compelling, we do mean it. Simply stringing 500 words together on a page won’t do the trick.

It’s not yet May 1st. And yet we’ve already had students earn admission off college waitlists. At Ivy Coach, we coined the term Letter of Enthusiasm and the letters of our students help them stand out.

We congratulate our students who have already earned admission off waitlists. And for those students who haven’t yet heard from colleges that placed them on waitlists, it’s only May 2nd! We’ve had students get off waitlists at the tail end of August. We remember one student in particular who had already gone off to college only to learn that he had been taken off the waitlist of one of America’s top universities. He promptly packed up and left. And he never regretted it for a second. So be patient!


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