Students for Fair Admissions Loses Again

UT Austin has claimed victory over SFFA yet again.

Students for Fair Admissions, the group that unsuccessfully sued Harvard University for allegedly discriminating against Asian American applicants in its holistic college admissions process has faced another legal defeat. This time, the group — led by Edward Blum a.k.a. the one man band challenging Affirmative Action — has lost to the University of Texas at Austin…yet again. For those of our readers who may not remember, SFFA previously unsuccessfully sued UT Austin over its Affirmative Action practices which its white plaintiff, Abigail Fisher, believed cost her an opportunity to attend the institution. Well, this time, the group sued the university on behalf of two white plaintiffs who also were denied admission, allegedly on account of their race. But, it seems, this latest case isn’t going anywhere.

As Allyson Waller reports for The Texas Tribune in a piece entitled “Federal judge tosses lawsuit that sought to end UT-Austin’s affirmative action policy,” “A national organization’s latest attempt to sue the University of Texas at Austin over its admissions policy that the group claims “improperly considers race” has been tossed out of a federal court, with the judge ruling the group cannot bring back its case against the university…In the ruling, which was signed Monday by federal Judge Robert Pitman of the Western District of Texas, the court states that plaintiffs brought similar arguments that were already made in a prior case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court twice. In those cases, the courts upheld UT-Austin’s admissions policies. ‘The alleged changes that [Students for Fair Admissions] brings forward about UT’s admissions program do not rise to the level of being ‘significant’ such that they ‘create ‘new legal conditions,’ that would allow for relitigation of these claims,’ Pitman wrote.”

We happen to agree with the ruling of Judge Pitman. SFFA already lost this case when its plaintiff was Abigail Fisher. What’s changed besides the names of the plaintiffs? It seems like a waste of the court’s time if you ask us. Come on, Edward Blum…is this the best you’ve got?


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  • Ed Lim says:

    The lawsuit has merit but the judges are cowardly. They know what goes on is wrong but too Scared to do anything about it for fear of being called racist. There is equal opportunity in college admissions but low quality applicants who are not Asian or White do not get in they no longer care for equal opportunity, they want equal results. And that is discriminating against merit. How does killing a Lion to make the Wildebeest king of the jungle sound? Not good for the jungle ecosystem. We know this won’t end well for America. It will help America’s enemies though.

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