Stressful College Admissions Process

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We take a lot of the stress out of the relationship between parents and children during the college admissions process. We serve as a buffer.

The stressful college admissions process isn’t always that much fun. If you’re a parent, it’s not fun to have to remind your child every summer day that she should start writing her college admissions essays. And when the fall rolls around and she still hasn’t made progress on this front, it will only get more stressful. Children — especially teenagers — simply don’t want to listen to their parents. They’re rebellious. They know better. To be reminded every day by a parent to write college essays may even only encourage them to put them off even longer!

There are so many mistakes that parents and students make in the college admissions process. Many of these mistakes are made because they simply don’t know better. They don’t fully understand the game of college admissions. They don’t understand how one box checked wrongly on an application or one word in an essay can mean the difference between an acceptance and a denial. But beyond the potential pitfalls of the highly selective college admissions process, parents and students often just can’t deal with each other during this most stressful time in their lives.

And that’s where we come in. When a teenager slams a door on a parent because they don’t want to talk about college essays, that parent is frustrated. We take the frustration away. We become the reminders. We bug your children to do what they need to do and when they need to do it. We get them to put that video game away. We get them to sit down and write. There’s no yelling. There are no shouting matches. We take that away. We make your relationship with your child better by serving as buffers. While there’s a whole lot more we do than merely serving as a buffer, being a buffer you’ll find is rather important!

And check out this video on Parental Stress and College Admissions.


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