Stressful College Admission Process

Stressful Admissions Process, Stressful College Process, Stressful Admission Process to College

It’s been said that Ivy Coach prevents murders. That’s right.

Gather round, we have a story to tell about the stressful college admission process. We had a student several years ago who really wanted to go to Williams College. And so, naturally, she applied Early Decision to Williams. After her application had been submitted, her mom called and she happened to say something like this: “If she gets in, it’ll be worth the money we’ve spent.” We didn’t much like that. We did great work for this student, as we do for all of our students. Of course if she gets in, as so many of our students do, that’s wonderful news and we love that. But either way, we gave her the best possible shot of gaining admission to her dream school. So, needless to say, we didn’t love this particular comment.

Fast forward to the day this student found out her decision from Williams. She indeed did get in. The student called us to let us know how excited she was and to thank us for our help. Bev, Founder of Ivy Coach, asked to speak with her mother. The conversation went something like this: “I just wanted to congratulate you. You must be so excited!” “We are so thrilled,” the mom replied, “We couldn’t be happier.” “I just wanted to remind you of one thing,” said Bev. “Stop right there. I know what you’re going to say,” the mom said with a smile, “She got in. It was worth it.” Before Bev could respond, the phone had seemingly been wrestled away from the mom by the dad. The dad got on and said, “Even if she hadn’t gotten in, you were worth it. You saved this family from a murder.”

And that’s precisely what we do at Ivy Coach. Not only do we help students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. But during the most stressful highly selective college admissions process in which parents so often fight with their children, we also…prevent murder. That’s right. We. Prevent. Murder. So save a life and sign up for a free consultation today. Don’t save a tree. Instead, save a life. Your child’s.


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