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There’s a cute piece up on “The Huffington Post” about a father’s perspective on the college admissions process.

There’s a nice editorial up on “The Huffington Post” by Bryan Behar about what it’s like to go through the highs and lows of the college admissions process as a parent. The piece, entitled “Me and the College Admissions Process (One Year Later),” details the journey of a father as his daughter navigates the highly stressful process, a process he later adds didn’t last just one year. But rather four years. Yes indeed. The college admissions process, as our clients know well, can begin in 8th grade when important decisions are made that will ultimately impact a student’s case for admission to highly selective universities.

In a previous “Huffington Post” editorial, Behar wrote about how students and parents get too wrapped up in the college admissions process, that they became too obsessed with prestige, that it was all a bit ridiculous — to put it simply. And Behar, with trademark humor, hasn’t changed his tune on the ridiculousness of the process, but he does admit that he totally and completely got wrapped up in it. As he writes (in reference to his piece before his daughter applied and now after), “I hadn’t yet gone through the process. Technically, that should read ‘my daughter hadn’t yet gone through the process.’ But now having spent the last year immersed in its relative horrors, I’m comfortable saying ‘I’, ‘We’, ‘They’ or ‘Y’all.'”

At Ivy Coach, we pride ourselves on relieving stress in families navigating the college admissions process. Parents and students hear so much misinformation about college admissions. Just knowing that you’re doing the right thing and not the wrong thing (even though every student and parent at your school may think they are doing the right thing), it can take a lot of pressure off.

Behar goes on “This was akin to trying to write about your time on an exotic deserted island the year before your plane crashed there. You may be able to sketch some general things. But you could never know about the smoke monsters or tropical polar bears or mysterious hatches. Even the mysterious Richard Hatches.” This is indeed why some of our clients each and every year are first-time clients, parents who didn’t work with us for their first child (and experienced unexpected rejection horror because they thought they’d be the exceptions) only to correct their mistakes for their younger children. Yes, older children can get the short end of the stick here — you bet.

Anyhow, this is a fun and thoughtful piece on the stresses of the college admissions process from the perspective of a parent navigating the churning waters of admissions along with his daughter. And while his shift in perspective certainly comes as no surprise to us, it’s interesting to see how his view on the process changed over the course of this past year.

Oh, and regular readers of our college admissions blog know that at Ivy Coach, our stress relief can even prevent murder. That’s right. We prevent murder.


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