The Stars and College Admissions

Stars and College Admission, Stars and College Admissions, College Admissions Decisions

After all is said and done and students are waiting on their admissions decisions, we so often tell them, “Find the nearest star and make a wish upon it.” Photo credit: Philipp Salzgeber.

Every year, we tell many of our students at Ivy Coach — after they’ve completed their applications and done all they can to give themselves the best possible shot for admission to their dream school(s) — to “find the nearest star and make a wish upon it.” And our students usually make fun of us for saying as much…though their parents don’t! It’s our way of saying that there is nothing more you can do and now it’s time for the universe to weigh in. Sometimes students (and their parents) just want to inundate admissions offices with superfluous information but this is something we strongly discourage. Less can certainly be more.

But this year, the parent of one of our students said to us, “When my son applied a couple years ago, you told us to find the nearest star and make a wish. How come you didn’t do that this time around for my daughter?” We replied something along these lines: “Because your son did everything he could and gave himself the best possible shot for admission. But ultimately it was a big stretch. It worked out, he got in, but it was a big stretch. This time around, we knew you didn’t have to find the nearest star to make a wish. We knew what the universe would decide. After all, we have a crystal ball.”

As you await word from the colleges of your dreams, it’s time to look to the stars.

But to all students out there waiting for the end of March to roll around, what we encourage you to do is not sit at your computer and keep clicking on the admissions office’s website at the college of your dreams. Rather, we encourage you to take a nice long walk at night, find the nearest star…and, that’s right, make a wish upon it. As the Latin saying goes, “Ad astra per aspera.” To the stars through adversity.


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