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Watch some Stanford admits learn of their decisions (photo credit: King of Hearts).

Stanford University hasn’t yet released admissions statistics for its Class of 2024. As our readers may remember, back in September of 2018, Stanford declared they would no longer release application figures at the conclusion of each round of admission in the hope of de-emphasizing the importance of their low admission rate. Of course, we didn’t buy their explanation at the time. Rather, we believe Stanford chose to cease reporting their admissions statistics at the end of each cycle because by concealing their low admit rate, they would invariably be encouraging more applicants to apply. Maybe if it wasn’t drilled into students’ heads that such a small percentage of students who apply get in, they’d be more likely to give it a roll. In any case, Stanford has to report their admissions data to the federal government at the conclusion of the admissions cycle and once that’s released (we expect to report on this data in December 2020), you can bet — like last year — we will share the data on our college admissions blog.

But for those readers who can’t wait that long, we figured we’d share with you a video that Stanford’s undergraduate admissions office put together. It’s of high school students learning of their admission to Stanford — and it’s quite a fun watch, especially the very end. Might we offer one suggestion to Stanford, though, when editing this video for next year: include the wait. In this video, we watch students celebrate their decisions, but it would be way more fun to watch these parents and students refresh their browsers, waiting nervously for the verdict. It will invest us more in their reactions when they learn the happy news! Just sayin’. In any case, check it out below:


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