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December 28, 2019

Stanford University Class of 2023 Admission Statistics

Stanford University Class of 2023 admissions statistics are now publicly available (photo credit: King of Hearts).

In September of 2018, Stanford University announced that the school would no longer publicize undergraduate application numbers. And why? As their press release read at the time, “Stanford’s policy shift is intended to help de-emphasize the perceived importance of low admit rates at colleges and universities. The university will continue to publicly report application data to the federal government at the end of the admission cycle.” Our readers may not be surprised that we didn’t buy their explanation at the time. In fact, we publicly called them out for not telling it like it is. Well, fast forward to a little over a year later and guess what we have to report to our readers…admissions statistics for Stanford University’s Class of 2023 — last year’s class! So if you’re looking for admissions statistics for Stanford University’s Class of 2024, just check back to our blog a year from now.

Last Year Marked a Banner Year for Stanford’s Admissions Office

So what were the application figures for Stanford’s Class of 2023, you ask? In all, between Early Action and Regular Decision, 47,498 students applied for admission to The Farm — a record number. Of these students, 2,062 were offered admission…a figure that included all of Ivy Coach’s applicants! This marks an overall admit rate of 4.34% for Stanford’s Class of 2023. For the Class of 2022, the overall admit rate stood at 4.36%.

Why Stanford’s Class of 2023 Admissions Data is Now Available

And why is this information now available? As Camryn Pak reports for The Stanford Daily in a piece entitled “Stanford admit rate falls to record-low 4.34% for class of 2023,” “At the end of every admissions cycle, however, federal law requires Stanford to report University information (regarding admissions, graduation rates, financial aid, etc.) to the U.S. government, which makes the data available to the public via the National Center for Education Statistics. The University also publishes admissions data to the Common Data Set, a nationwide initiative to present this data in a standard format.”

Congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Stanford University’s Class of 2023. You all got in!

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