Stanford Receives Enormous Gift

Stanford has received a record-breaking donation (photo credit: King of Hearts).

There are donations and then there are donations. Stanford University has received a $1.1 billion gift — yes, that’s billion with a b — from John and Ann Doerr. It marks the largest gift in the university’s long history, significantly eclipsing even Nike founder Phil Knight’s $400 million gift back in 2016. The $1.1 billion gift will be used to start the institution’s first new school in 70 years: aptly named the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability. The school will aim to address the pressing climate change issues of our time.

As Amy Adams and Anneke Cole write for Stanford News in a release entitled “Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, university’s first new school in 70 years, will accelerate solutions to global climate crisis,” “The combined gifts, totaling $1.69 billion, will shepherd the creation of a new kind of school focused on cultivating deep knowledge and high-impact solutions to pressing planetary challenges. The school will have academic departments that advance subject understanding, interdisciplinary institutes that innovate across fields, and an accelerator focused on developing near-term policy and technology solutions. New faculty, new facilities, and a new institute will round out the school, bringing exceptional breadth and scale to the university’s work in addressing the future of the planet.”

So Stanford has received a donation of over $1 billion. We sure do wonder what Malcolm Gladwell’s thinking about this gift. Oh, let’s just say it. We already know what he’s thinking. After all, remember his podcast on Rowan University in which he sat down with Stanford’s then-president? He’s thinking: the rich get richer. And so they do, so they do.


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  • Aaron Rice says:

    first it was global warming. then it got really cold. so now it’s ‘climate change’! Yes, the climate does change periodically reflecting historical patterns. but this is all normal. Mother Earth is not so fragile that a few humans are going to destroy by using the same exact materials is produced itself. put the climate alarmists in jail!

  • 'A Do Gooder' says:

    Haha- true Mr. Rice! Well, I think the billionaires like Doerr just want their name on buildings so they call up the school and say, hey can you rename Stanford for me? And they say no, but we can start a new college with your name. How Much, he asks? A billion, give or take a hundred million they answer. Can I get lifetime football tickets? I guess we can swing that, Mr. Doerr. Done!

    • Csaba Gyorfi says:

      Poor liberal arts colleges and the just average universities, because nobody wants to give those schools large sums anymore. Actually no money at all! Stanford already has tens of billions and only needs money for their helicopter gas to transport their president. Couldn’t Doerr give the money to Latin American poverty programs? How about religious organizations with outreach? And what about Amherst or Grinnell- or Grove City? They could use money. Nope! Not gonna do. I couldn’t get my name on anything BIG! I want my NAME on a NAME SCHOOL, otherwise hell no- I am not in this for the charity. It all comes down to Vanity. This guy probably doesn’t even care much for the environment. He cares about publicity. What a world.

  • MLK says:

    Good. Stanford will waste the on something that will do nothing for its academic credibility.

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