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With the technological boom, is Harvard now just the Stanford of the East? Photo credit: Jawed Karim.

Harvard is the Stanford of the East? There is an article in “The New York Times” written by Richard Perez-Pena entitled “To Young Minds of Today, Harvard is the Stanford of the East” that we wanted to bring to the attention of our readers. According to the article, Stanford, riding a “wave of technology” has become the latest “it” school. We’re not so sure about that. Stanford has been among the “it” schools for a number of years but certainly the rise of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so many other Silicon Valley sensations have further cemented Stanford as a cool place to go to college. And for the last two years in a row, Stanford has indeed had the lowest undergraduate acceptance rate — lower than Harvard’s.

According to Perez-Pena’s piece, “No one calls Duke ‘the Stanford of the South,’ or the University of Michigan ‘the public Stanford,’ at least not yet. But, for now at least, there is reason to doubt the long-held wisdom that the consensus gold standard in American higher education is Harvard, founded 378 years ago, which held its commencement on Thursday.”

So since Stanford is riding this technological wave as Perez-Pena puts it, are more Stanford students majoring in fields such as computer science and engineering as compared to at other highly selective colleges like Harvard? As stated in the piece in “The New York Times,” “Last year, 26 percent of Stanford’s undergraduate degrees were awarded in computer science or engineering, about three times as many as at Harvard. At Stanford, about 90 percent of undergraduates take at least one computer programming class, compared with about half at Harvard.” Now that is a major difference.

Do you think that Harvard is the Stanford of the East? Is Duke the Stanford of the South? Let us know your thoughts on the subject by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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  • Plato says:

    Stanford has long been known for its shallow, second-rate undergraduate education.

    Stanford graduates have the worst track record of any of the top schools of winning Nobel prizes, coming in #12. Stanford is entirely focused on business not academics.

    Human history has accomplished a bit more than Silicon Valley.

    5% of the students who apply to Stanford were accepted. Big deal. What is Shakespeare? One in 5 billion or 10 billion? The kind of person who comes along every 500 or 1,000 years.

    The dummies at Stanford should concentrate more on their education than their egos and maybe they would amount to something.

  • M.L.M says:

    Harvard has too much of a post-grad focus. Stanford is probably better for undergraduate learning and equal for post-grads, depending on the field of research. That said, both are full of intelligent and talented individuals. The poster above is obviously an arrogant Harvard grad, and this website, in general, is biased towards ivies and a few other schools. Why can’t Harvard just be Harvard, Vanderbilt be Vanderbilt, and Stanford just be Stanford? They are all different, and each has its different advantages… same goes for Duke, UCLA, and whatever other schools this site hypes up simply due to prestige. They are all great schools, and we do not need a meaningless ranking or article to say one is better than the others. My opinion is that Harvard is not a top school for undergrads, but that its name attracts talented individuals. That’s just my opinion, though. I’m sure this article addresses a topic that many consider, but it’s honestly meaningless, and it drives a society that values the wrong things in schools. My 2 cents.

  • James Anderson says:

    Plato, you sound like a jealous Harvard student/alum. Why are you so upset about Stanford’s success. Your attitude is not very becoming. Your first statement gives you away as someone who has no need for accuracy or facts.

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