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August 10, 2020

Stanford Computer Science Majors

We’ve got the breakdown by gender and ethnicity of Stanford computer science majors (photo credit: King of Hearts).

Are there more males than females among Stanford’s computer science majors? Are there more Black / African American majors in 2020 than there were in 2015? Wonder no more about the answers to these types of questions as we’ve got answers for our readers! You see, back in 2015, Jorge Cuevo, then a Stanford undergraduate majoring in computer science, published a wonderful piece for Medium that broke down the demographic details of the undergraduates who chose to major in the discipline at Stanford. Now five years later, Sophie Andrews and Lucia Morris broke down the demographics again for the current undergraduate CS majors at Stanford for The Stanford Daily News. So what have we learned?

Females on the Rise Among Stanford Computer Science Majors

With respect to gender, back in 2015, according to Cuevo’s data analysis, 69.7% of undergraduate CS majors at Stanford were male as compared to 30.3% who were female. In total, there were 493 male CS undergrads and 214 female CS undergrads. In 2020, 65.5% of undergraduate CS majors at Stanford are male, while 34.4% are female. So the percentage of female undergraduate CS majors has risen over the last five years — encouraging news for sure.

East Asians on the Rise Among Stanford Computer Science Majors

With respect to race, back in 2015, 38% of Stanford undergraduate CS majors were white, while 36.2% were East Asian, 10.2% were South Asian, 9.5% were Latinx, and 6.1% were Black / African American. In 2020, 36.9% of Stanford CS majors are East Asian, while 33.6% are white, 14.2% are South Asian, 9.6% are Latinx, and 5.6% are Black / African American. So the percentage of Latinx CS students has held steady, while the percentage of Black / African American students has dropped — discouraging news for sure. It is, however, interesting that there are more East Asian CS majors than white CS majors at Stanford in 2020, marking an uptick in East Asian students majoring in CS at The Farm as compared to their white peers.

What do our readers think of this data? Let us know your thoughts by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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