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Congratulations to our Ivy Coach students who earned admission to Stanford University this week! Your thank you notes touched us so much (photo credit: King of Hearts).

The Stanford Class of 2019 stats are in. Congratulations to all of our Ivy Coach students who earned admission to Stanford University this past Friday! It’s absolutely our favorite time of year when our previously stressed out students and their parents call and email with the exciting news that they’ve earned admission to a top university such as Stanford. Their thank you notes truly touch us. While Stanford is not an Ivy League school, we suspect we’ll have more students enrolling at Stanford this coming fall than at any other university. If our students ever turn down Harvard, it’s because they’ve earned admission to Stanford as well and they have a personal preference for Stanford. It’s quite the high class problem.

In all, 42,487 students submitted applications to Stanford University this year. It marked the largest applicant pool in the university’s long history. 1,402 of these applicants received offers of admission this past Friday. These students join the 742 students who previously earned admission to The Farm during the Early Action round. If you’re wondering what the Stanford admission rate was, it was 5.05%. 5.05%! It marked the lowest admission rate in the university’s history, even lower than last year’s 5.07%. Admissions is becoming like a swim meet. Yes, we understand that swimmers might be the only ones to get that reference. Oh well.

According to an article on the Stanford Class of 2019 statistics in “The Stanford Daily,” “The decrease in admissions rate follows the trend of increasing selectivity in recent years. The university admitted 5.7 percent of applicants in 2013 and 6.6 percent in 2012. In total, 2,144 students from 50 states and 77 countries have been offered a place in the class. Last year, 2,138 students from 50 states and 71 countries were accepted out of a pool of 42,167 applicants.”

Once again, congratulations to all of our Ivy Coach students for earning admission to Stanford University to be members of the Class of 2019! We are so stoked for you. And, yes, the word is stoked. Because you’re headed to NorCal. So get used to it. Unless of course you choose to matriculate to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton for those of you who also earned admission to these universities. And, with respect to your decision, the answer is that you cannot go wrong…


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  • Stanford is the future says:

    It doesn’t matter that stanford is not an ivy. It has proven that it is the undisputed number one. People already casually(!) reject harvard and of course princeton for stanford. And I think this number will increase a lot more in the years to come. As for yale it is not even a question really anymore.

  • Alan Masterson says:

    Just a minor correction, the OVERALL admit rate at Stanford this year was 5.05%. The admit rate for the regular decision round was lower at 4.04%.

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