Stanford Changes Fall Plans

Stanford’s fall plans have changed (photo credit: King of Hearts).

Stanford University, like several other elite universities across America, has changed its fall plans in light of escalating COVID-19 cases across the nation. Nearly all in-person instruction for this coming fall term has been canceled. Stanford’s initial plan to off on-campus housing to incoming freshmen, sophomores, and incoming transfer students is also off. However, graduate and professional students will still be welcomed back — at least as of now. Additionally, the 800 undergraduate students whose petitions to return to campus this fall were approved will also be invited to The Farm this fall.

As Elena Shao reports for The Stanford Daily in a piece entitled “Stanford cancels plans to bring half of undergrads back to campus, revokes student staff positions,” “The new plan will allow frosh and sophomores to live on campus in winter quarter, and juniors and seniors in spring quarter, if conditions allow. The decision to roll back the return-to-campus plan comes two days after the Pac-12 postponed fall sports due to concerns over COVID-19, and it also follows decisions by other institutions, most recently the University of Pennsylvania, to do the same…For weeks prior, students had expressed concerns about the University’s decision to keep its housing plans in place, saying that it would endanger the health of students and workers and disproportionately affect low-income and housing insecure students who may not have the option of staying home.”

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