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Congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who gained admission to Stanford University in the Early Action round (photo credit: King of Hearts).

Stanford University has released its Early Action statistics for the Class of 2019 and we of course have these statistics for our loyal readers. But, first and foremost, we’d like to congratulate all of our students who earned admission to Stanford University this fall. Congratulations! In all, 743 students earned admission to Stanford on December 12th. These 743 applications stood out in a batch of 7,297 Early Action applications submitted this fall. This marked an acceptance rate of 10.2%, lower than for last year’s class (10.8%). Last year, 748 students earned admission via Early Action to Stanford out of a pool of 6,948 applicants to the university.

According to an article on the Stanford 2019 Early Action statistics in “The Stanford Daily,” “‘We have admitted a remarkable group of students from an extremely talented applicant pool,’ said Richard H. Shaw, dean of undergraduate admission and financial aid. ‘Our review was rigorous, and we are pleased to celebrate those who were accepted.'” We always find these quotes quite funny. What is a dean of admissions going to say that the class wasn’t remarkable, that their review wasn’t rigorous? It always seems like a whole lot of fluff to us!

Anyhow, as “The Stanford Daily” reports, “According to a release from the Stanford News Service, the 743 students who received acceptance letters come from 47 states and 31 countries. More than 75 percent of them have a high school grade point average of 4.0 or above. ‘We are humbled by the many competitive candidates who demonstrated interest in Stanford University through our restrictive early action program,’ Shaw said. ‘We recognize the time and effort that goes into completing our application, and we are honored to have reviewed the applications of so many outstanding young people.'” More fluff! Do you think deans of admission recycle these quotes every year, changing a word here or a word there? Maybe. We’ll do some research and write a blog about it in the days ahead for kicks.

Stanford is expecting over 30,000 applications in the Regular Decision round. If you’re interested in gaining admission to The Farm via Regular Decision, you could likely use some assistance so contact Ivy Coach to get started today. The clock is ticking towards that deadline!


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