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South Africa university admission is highly controversial and it stems from the nation’s history of apartheid rule.

Fifteen years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, race remains the hot topic in the national dialogue. In South Africa college admissions, affirmative action is a highly debated subject. If you’re an American who disagrees with the practice of affirmative action in the United States, you’d probably disagree even more with the practice as it exists today in South Africa. In South Africa, universities openly have race-based admissions cutoffs.

According to NPR, “To be admitted, white students must score the equivalent of straight A’s. Meanwhile, black and mixed-race students can get in with plenty of B’s. The University of Cape Town doesn’t make this policy a secret — admission cutoffs are listed by race in the prospectus.” Imagine if admission cutoffs were listed in college brochures sent to high school students. Imagine the reaction! If you thought the college admissions process was rough in the United States, you haven’t experienced South Africa college admissions!

With the government trying to give opportunities to disadvantaged South Africans, affirmative action in South Africa has caused quite the stir. Many white South Africans are upset that black South Africans feel a sense of entitlement because they can get admitted to universities irrespective of their merit. After university study, white South Africans also voice discontent with laws that require percentages of businesses to be owned by black South Africans.

What do you think? Do you think that this kind of affirmative action in South Africa is necessary to help the disadvantaged and create a more equal society? Do you think this is the way to change a nation torn apart by a history of apartheid? Let us know your thoughts by posting below.

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