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Be careful what you post on Facebook as you apply to colleges and graduate schools (infographic from “Online Colleges”).

There’s a new infographic out on social media in college admissions. According to the infographic, 85% of colleges use Facebook to recruit students. 66% of colleges use YouTube to recruit students. And — this should come as no surprise — 80% of college admissions counselors acknowledged receiving a friend request on Facebook in 2010. Well, we’d hope so! We assume the infographic means that the college admissions counselors received friend requests from applicants to the college at which they worked! By the way, don’t ever do that, college applicants!

What other statistics are mentioned? Well, according to the infographic, 37% of law school admissions counselors admit to looking up applicants on Facebook. And what about business school admissions counselors? 24%. College admissions counselors? 22%. We strongly believe that number is low — even for admissions counselors who are admitting to the practice. And imagine how many are actually looking up students on Facebook if this is the percentage of admissions counselors who admit looking up students on Facebook. Not everyone is telling the truth, after all!

And of those admissions counselors who did admit to checking Facebook, they acknowledged that alcohol consumption in pictures, vulgar posts, and illegal activities hurt the chances of admission for the applicants. So if you’re applying to college or graduate school, be sure to take down that photo of you next to a beer. Or remove that comment about a girl you like on your Facebook wall. Even if you’re not applying to college or grad school, remove it anyway. It’s not going to help your career! We promise.

While you’re here, check out this newsletter on Social Networking and College Admissions. And let us know what you’re worried about on your Facebook page or Twitter account. Here’s a helpful hint: If you’re worried about it, it should come down. Why take the chance? Just take it down. Don’t risk a college admissions counselor discovering something about you on your Facebook page that you wouldn’t want them to know? No need!


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