Social Media and College Admission

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In this infographic from Coggno, check out the rising use of social media in the college admissions process.

Let’s talk about social media and college admission. It’s not something we haven’t discussed before. Check out our post on Facebook and college admission or our newsletter on social networking and college admission. But we thought we’d share with you some interesting data from Coggno that they’ve put together in a cool infographic. If you haven’t recently had Lasik surgery, you can check out their social media and college admission infographic for yourself on their site (or just click on the picture to your right).

So what are the key takeaways? Well, according to their data, 24% of college admissions officers are “watching you.” That means that 76% aren’t. We practically had to major in statistics to figure that one out. In 2008, 10% of admissions officers owned up to considering information on social media sites in making their admissions decisions. So the 24% figure marks an increase.

And what about the percentage of admissions officers who use Google to research students? 20% say yes, they use it. And 80% say no, they don’t. 8% of admissions officers say social media is “critically important” in admissions, 19% say it’s “important,” 43% say it’s “somewhat important,” and 7% say it’s “not important.” 12% say that social media has negatively impacted a student’s admissions decision, while 84% say it hasn’t (hey, there’s room for error in statistics so it doesn’t always add up to 100%).

Of those admissions officers who make use of social media in their admissions decisions, 66% say they use Facebook, 41% use college search sites, 41% use Twitter, 21% use YouTube, 15% use Ning, and 2% use MySpace. But what’s the funniest statistic of all? That would be that 80% of admissions officers report receiving a “Friend” request from an applicant on Facebook or MySpace. Oy vey! Don’t be one of those students! What are they thinking?


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