Soccer Games and College Admission

Soccer Games and Admission, College Admission and Soccer, Soccer and Ivy League Admission

We do not attend soccer games and we do not serve biscuits. The biscuits bit might be random to anyone who is not a regular reader of our college admissions blog. Deal with it.

A parent recently asked us during a free consultation if we would attend his child’s soccer game. We were taken aback by this request. “You want us to go to your daughter’s soccer game? May we ask why?” He replied, “Because how else will you know how good of a soccer player my daughter is?” Our answer?: “We’ll know how good of a soccer player your daughter is by helping you reach out to college coaches and gauging their interest. If your daughter does not garner their interest, that tells us that your daughter isn’t good enough to play at those schools. It’s an excellent barometer and we don’t even have to travel to your daughter’s soccer games and eat dinner afterwards at Chuck E. Cheese.” Ok, we didn’t say all that. But we definitely thought it. Does Chuck E. Cheese even exist anymore? We’re not sure. Probably.

If there’s anything in this world that we know for sure, it’s that there are some crazy parents out there. Why on earth would we want to go to his daughter’s soccer games? Of course, when this parent heard our fees, he balked, leading us to believe that he had intentions of us attending his daughter’s soccer games for free. Do you think he would have even supplied pizza after the game? Likely not. As though going to high school soccer games is how we want to be spending our afternoons? Attending the random soccer games of some student who may or may not be any good at soccer? Oy vey is right.

We hear a lot of crazy things from parents but this one really made us scratch our heads. Have you heard any crazy stories from parents of high schoolers going through the admissions process of late? We’re curious to hear your wacky stories. So spill!

Oh, and as for the picture on this post, it’s young women playing soccer way back when. Naturally. It’s all we could find. Deal with it.


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