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The UT system wants to shorten the length of time it takes for aspiring physicians to earn their requisite degrees.

The University of Texas system has designed a program that will shorten the length of time it takes to go through college and medical school for high school students aspiring to be physicians. The UT system design of shorter MD programs will in fact shave off a year…or two. The pilot program of this academic design will go into effect in 2013.

According to an article in the “American-Statesman” by Mary Ann Roser, “Under UT-Austin’s plan, 60 freshman undergraduates with a record of high academic achievement would be guaranteed a slot in medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas or the UT Health Science Center at Houston if they maintain good grades, said David Laude, a senior associate dean at UT-Austin.”

“The plan is to cut a year from the bachelor’s degree, reducing the overall time to finish college and graduate from medical school from eight years to six or seven, Laude said. Flexibility would be built into the program so students could take a year to explore an area of interest, such as working on a master’s degree in public health or performing medical research, Laude said. In that situation, the complete program would take seven years instead of six.”

If you’re a student who knows for certain that you want to be a physician but you don’t want to have to go to school for eight years before you even begin your residency, then maybe a program such as this is for you. And while you’re here, read more about other 7-year medical programs on our blog.


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