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We’re very particular about the folks we choose to work with at Ivy Coach.

When you call a dentist’s office, chances are high the dentist is accepting new patients. When you go to Sports Authority, chances are high employees will seek to sell you sporting equipment. When you go to a restaurant, unless there are no available reservations, chances are high they’ll wish to seat you. But the same is not necessarily true at our college counseling company. And why? Because we are selective about the families we choose to work with. We won’t work with just anyone. We won’t work with people we find argumentative. We won’t work with people who aren’t nice. We won’t work with people who brag too much about their children. We won’t work with people who ask for guarantees. We don’t have the time. We don’t have the energy. We’ve got too many apple pies to bake! If you’re a regular reader of our college admissions blog, you get it.

We Filter Out Prospective Crazy College Counseling Clients

Upon the end of his presidency, the great anti-apartheid freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, said, “Don’t call me. I’ll call you.” His words are paraphrased on Ivy Coach’s homepage for a reason. And why? Because we don’t want people to just call us. We don’t want to hear from every parent and every student applying to college. We don’t want to hear about how great everyone and their sibling and their dear old Aunt Sally is. We want you to go through our process, which entails filling out our free consultation form and completing a free consultation designed specifically to answer questions about our services.

Even if someone wishes to sign up for an hour evaluation with us, which is a paid service, we won’t allow them to unless they’ve filled out our form and completed a free consultation. Yes, we’ll say no to their money. We do it all the time. And why? Because they need to first pass through our crazy filter. It’s that important to us!


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