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It’s not too late for seniors to improve their cases for admission to America’s most elite universities.

Are you the parent of a current high school senior? Have you been riding your daughter about completing all of her college essays? Has she slammed a door on you? Two doors, you say? Has she shouted at the top of her lungs at you? Has she insisted that writing about her mission trip to Nicaragua in her Personal Statement is the right approach even if you told her that writing about such an activity could easily smell like privilege and render her unlikable to admissions officers? If any or all of the above is true, know that you are not alone. And know that it’s not too late to get some help. You see, at Ivy Coach, we not only optimize students’ cases for admission to their dream schools, we also prevent murder. That’s right. We prevent murder.

It’s Not Too Late for Seniors to Optimize Their Cases for Admission

Now don’t get us wrong. There are a lot of things seniors can’t correct at this late date. If they didn’t take the right SAT Subject Tests or if they didn’t retake an SAT or ACT when they should have, some of this can no longer be rectified. But so much still can be rectified, so much still can be changed even a month and a half before the Early Decision / Early Action deadline that can improve your child’s case for admission.

Maybe someone needs to go through your child’s Why Penn essay with her so she hears from an objective authority that a sentence like, “I want to go to Penn because Ben Franklin founded the school and the school offers a fantastic liberal arts education” adds nothing to an application and in fact only conveys that she hasn’t done her homework on the university. Maybe someone needs to parse through her activities so she presents as singularly focused rather than well-rounded (highly selective colleges don’t want well-rounded students). Maybe someone needs to tell your daughter that her grades and scores are going to preclude her admission to Stanford but if she applied to Penn ED, she just might get in (to waste an Early card is most unwise!).

So much can still be changed, even with only a month and a half to go before the Early deadline. And if your daughter wasn’t planning on applying Early, well, that’s a big mistake, too. To not apply Early is to waste the most valuable card a college applicant has in her back pocket. And that’s part of what we’ll go over during a one-hour evaluation with you and your daughter, so everyone is on the same page. We’ll let you know all that needs to be changed at this late date, all that can still be fixed so as to optimize her case for admission. We’ll offer you an Early strategy so your daughter is applying to a reach school but not an impossible reach. And we’ll correct so many of those mistakes that you just don’t happen to realize are mistakes. But once you hear what these mistakes are, well, you’ll know. Many, yes, are blatantly obvious.

If you’re the parent of a high school senior about ready to murder your child, fill out our free consult form today and we’ll be in touch to prevent the murder.


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