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March 12, 2022


Many high school seniors slack off during their second semester, after earning admission in the Early round (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

Seniorovid / (sēnyərōvid) / noun / An ailment affecting students during the second semester of their final year of high school in which their grades suffer as a result of recurring cases of Covid during a time in which worldwide cases have dropped to record lows since the start of the pandemic. Does it sound like your child suffers from this ailment? Perhaps they’re quick to point out their B in AP Physics C is a result of Covid. Or maybe they went out late last night, partying at a friend’s house, but because they had Covid back in November, they bombed their Multivariable Calculus midterm. Ding, ding, ding?

For generations, students’ grades have dropped after they’ve earned admission to their Early Decision / Early Action school. After so many years of studying, studying, and more studying, they decide it’s finally time to put up their feet and relax a little bit. And for generations, this ailment has been known as Senioritis. But we are here to report that Senioritis is no more. It’s now Seniorovid. In fact, it’s rather remarkable that in spite of plummeting worldwide Covid cases, so many second-semester seniors just can’t seem to stop catching it. Where’s Dr. Fauci when you need him? We’ve identified a Covid cluster! And the cluster is at high schools across America!

If you’re the parent of a second-semester senior and your child’s grades have dropped significantly, know that their admission can absolutely be rescinded. Every offer of admission is always conditional — conditional on the student maintaining their grades and their behavior. If your child gets a couple of Bs as opposed to their usual straight As, it’s highly unlikely their Early school will rescind their admission. But a couple of Cs? Then it’s time to start worrying, Seniorovid or not.

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