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March 30, 2012

Senioritis and College Admission

Ivy Coach was quoted in an article by Lois Lee in “The Daily Pennsylvanian” on the topic of senioritis and college admission. If you’re not already familiar with the term senioritis, it’s what high school seniors do after they’ve already gotten admitted to college. For Early Decision or Early Action applicants, this can happen as early as December. For Regular Decision applicants who are still awaiting word of their college decisions, this can start around now…at the end of March. It’s when they start slacking off, relaxing, and maybe even getting into some trouble.

We urge all of our students to keep up their grades and to stay out of trouble. Every year, college admissions decisions are rescinded but we’re happy to report that this has never happened to one of our students. Is it ok for a formerly straight A student to get a B in AP Physics after receiving an Early Decision admit letter from the University of Pennsylvania? Yes. Don’t worry about that. Penn isn’t going to rescind your acceptance because you got your first B. But what if you start failing AP Physics? Then, you might well get a letter in the mail or an email from Dean of Admissions Eric Furda asking you to explain your circumstances.

Often in these cases, the admissions office learns about family troubles or psychological disorders…stuff that may not have been disclosed previously on the college application. In certain circumstances, the admissions office may mandate that the student takes a gap year (a year between high school and college) to deal with whatever issues are troubling him/her. Maybe the student needs a year to mature.

Don’t put yourself in this position. Keep your grades up. Stay out of trouble. Don’t go out partying. And don’t participate in senior pranks and get suspended from your school. As we stated in the article, a lot of that trouble happens in June when school’s almost out for summer. But you can still get in trouble over the summer so don’t go crazy then either!

Check out this newsletter on senioritis and college admissions.

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