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If you’re a rising senior, don’t think for a second that your senior year courses don’t matter. They matter a great deal! Don’t think that your workload is over because you finished the toughest year of high school (junior year). Junior year is tough because you have SAT’s piled on top of your demanding coursework, but just because you might be done with your SAT’s, that doesn’t mean you can stop trying. Colleges care a great deal about the rigor of the courses you take during your senior year and, yes, your senior year grades absolutely matter.

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Your senior year courses matter a great deal. Don’t drop AP Calculus for AP Statistics. Seriously.

Many students think that they can drop AP Physics and simply take the regular physics class. Maybe they’ll drop AP Calculus, too, and take AP Statistics instead. Don’t do it! AP Stat is not AP Calc. If you want to gain admission into a highly selective college — like an Ivy League college — you’ve got to keep up the hard work. You’ve got to keep excelling in the most challenging courses available at your school. And then some! If your school only offers a few AP courses, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take more AP courses (or AP tests only) outside of your school. It’s possible to do that. Many of our students at Ivy Coach do just that.

So as the school year approaches, wipe that thought of easing up your senior year courses out of your head for good. Don’t even consider it. You’ve worked too hard for too long to mess everything up now. Now is not the time to slack. If during the fourth quarter of senior year you get a B+ instead of your typical A in a class, don’t worry about it. Your admission isn’t going to be rescinded over a B+. But that doesn’t mean you can get a B+ in the first quarter.

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