Senior Slide and Early Admission

Senior Slide, High School Senior Slide, Early Admission and Senior Slide

Avoid senior slide if you were admitted Early Decision or Early Action to the college of your dreams. Why jeopardize your admissions decision?

If you’re a senior who recently found out you got in Early Decision or Early Action to a school of your dreams, congratulations! The hard work that you put in throughout high school and throughout the stressful college admissions process has paid off big time! Enjoy it. Savor it. Relive the moment you got in over and over in your head. It’s one of those special times in life that you’ll always remember fondly. So take a deep breath in and kick your feet up, go out and celebrate, and share the joy with your parents who had to go through this stressful admissions process with you.

But now a word of caution. Don’t become a different student than you have been in all the years leading up to your admissions decision. Don’t be one of those students who slack off. Avoid senior slide! If you were an A student when you got into Princeton, you should be an A student at the end of the third quarter of your senior year. If you had no disciplinary problems before you got into Princeton, you shouldn’t have any disciplinary problems thereafter (not that if you had disciplinary problems before you got in that it would be alright if you had them after…it wouldn’t be!).

Each and every college admissions cycle, universities rescind acceptances to admitted students. Are you going to lose your admission if you get a B in AP Physics instead of your typical A? No. Are you going to lose your admission if you get a B in AP Calculus and a B- in AP French? Likely not. But what if you go from getting all A’s to getting 2 B’s and 3 C’s? Why would you put yourself in that position? Why would you jeopardize something that you worked so hard for over the course of so many years? It’s just plain dumb. And that’s all there is to it.

Lastly, if you get to go on an overnight to the school you’re admitted to, don’t drink alcohol. You may roll your eyes and think this isn’t going to be you but each year, admitted students go up for admitted student weekends (this is typically more for students admitted through Regular Decision) and they get drunk and get in serious trouble. And it typically gets back to the admissions office, thereby jeopardizing your admissions decision.

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