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Our college admissions secret sauce is delicious. Try some (photo credit: Dan-Martin Hellgren).

We often hear from folks that they’re regular readers of our college admissions blog. And that’s fantastic. We love that you read our blog. It’s why we update it every day. Literally. Every. Single. Day. Sundays too. And Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Yom Kippur, too. But sometimes, deep down, we wonder how anyone can possibly read about college admissions every day of the week? We try to keep things interesting, but at the end of the day, it is college admissions. It’s not like we’re writing about Taylor Swift. That woman could be the subject of a blog. She singlehandedly changed Apple iTunes policy. Pretty impressive stuff. We’d be able to write about Taylor Swift every day. We’re certain of it.

You can learn lots of great information about college admissions by reading our blog regularly. You’ll learn lots of tips, tips that can help your own case for admission (or your child’s case). But know that we repeat ourselves quite a bit on this blog so we might bore you sometimes. It’s because we like to hammer home points. But it’s also because…did we mention that we blog every single day of the week? Dating back years? Years. There’s only so much to write about. And a good number of our topics that we’d love to write about — juicy stuff — are off-limits because our very best secrets, our very best tips are reserved for our students and their parents. We love that people come to us for free information, but our secret sauce and much of our expertise never appears on the pages of this college admissions blog. And we make no apologies for this. After all, we are an American business, not Wikipedia.

So, if you’re interested in our secret sauce, we recommend that you fill out our free consultation form. You won’t be able to taste any of our delicious secret sauce during the free consultation either. It’s just an opportunity to learn about our service offerings. For those who’d like to proceed and do a paid one-hour evaluation (you can also skip the free consult entirely), that’s where you should take out your spoons and start tasting our cooking. It’s a family recipe dating back to 1992.


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